Photo: Larry Swerling

Hi, my name is Anna and I love food. I don’t just like to eat, I love to shop, prepare and talk about food. That’s why I started this blog.

My relationship with food started late. I grew up in Bulgaria and lived there until I was 27. In Bulgaria, I didn’t cook and didn’t think much of food. It was just the fuel to keep me going.  

Then, I moved to the United States and discovered a completely new world of cuisines and flavors and my surging interest in food.  

Many immigrants come to this country to find tasteless produce, bland and heavy fast food, difficulty finding the right ingredients and a deep longing for the meals from home.  I, on the contrary, found a plethora of new cuisines, ingredients and styles of preparing food that I wanted to learn more about.  Every bite was an adventure that either took me far away with its exotic ingredients or brought me almost home with its familiar flavors. I enjoyed both.

I was intrigued by the way certain ingredients, like cumin or cilantro, travelled the world and became central to the cuisines of countries otherwise distant. I was fascinated to see how seemingly simple and common ingredients like chicken, rice or tomatoes can create dishes so colorful and diverse. Wanting to know more and experience the magic of food first hand, I started cooking.  

Today, I spend a lot of time in my cozy kitchen and though I love experimenting, I find myself more and more often drawing inspiration from the flavors of home and the dishes my mom and my grandmothers used to make.  I find a lot of hidden treasures in the way Bulgarians prepare food using a few simple but fresh and healthy ingredients and combining them with spices to create a very satisfying meal.

I enjoy using that knowledge and the flavors, products and styles I discovered in America, to create a dish that is flavorful, healthy and easy to make.  Seeing the delight it brings to my family and friends is my greatest reward.

In this blog you will find old and new recipes for the foods that my family and I enjoy and some of my curious observations on food and culture.

I hope you find something interesting, inspiring, and useful and invite you to join me and share your random thoughts on food and cooking as well.

You can contact me at annascozykitchen@gmail.com



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